The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel

The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel - Diana Gabaldon, Hoang Nguyen Hmmmm... I enjoyed the initial depictions of Jamie & Claire. But I found that these pictures changed through-out the book -- didn't stay true to the vision.Claire became more and more buxom as the book went on -- too much boobage, as note from D Gabaldon showed in the end pages. She meant it as a note to change, and indicated that there were changes. I didn't see them... I realize that the main target audience for a graphic novel is male, 18-28. But the Outlander books' audience is more female. We wanted to SEE our beloved story. If we wanted to see bodies, it would be more of Jamie and less of Claire. I don't recall in the book that Claire's garments were almost always in shreds around her upper body....I was also disappointed in not seeing enough of the "love story" -- I wasn't looking for a blow-by-blow of the love scenes between Jamie & Claire, but I did expect more than 2-3 frames. So much of the story seemed to be left out. Even though this if from Jamie's POV, there was a lot more (especially about his mute friend and his trying to find out who really shot the soldier he was accused of shooting) that could have been shown.While it was a joy to see Murtaugh and see his story, it was rather strange to introduce a new time traveler with an association to Geillis/Geille. It didn't seem to fit in the story at all -- not to me, anyway. All-in-all, fun to look at... but not one to buy. Borrow it from your library or from a friend.