The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three

The Force of Wind  - Elizabeth   Hunter 4+ starsThis series just seems to get better, as it continually weaves us into its spell and unfolds the mysteries of this elemental vampire world, Lorenzo, B's father, and the mysterious book and formula!Again, a LOT happens in this book. And once again, we're introduced to a bunch of new characters and many of the previous characters seem to fade from focus. There are a few uneven spots and places where the book seemed to be maddeningly slow unfolding what's REALLY going on, but overall, everything seems to have an unified purpose in the telling of this tale. At times, I wondered why so-and-so did such-and-such, but even if I didn't get a complete answer, I discovered that the purpose/meaning did tie into the overall tale. That's part of what makes this an amazing book.Gio and B continue to get closer to both the mystery of the formula and each other... Will B decide to be "turned" and become a vampire? Gio seems to be unsure if that's what he really wants. The formula might provide the answer to prevent his bloodlust and need to feed, while presenting the option of a forever with B without her having to become a vampire.Lots of action and fighting in this one... lots of joy, sorrow, heartache, and tears... lots of discoveries. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to what happens on Penglai Island (China) in the Court of the Eight Immortals! And pay attention to the conversations about that court, the book, and the human monk.