Smart, Sexy, Funny - one of the BEST contemporary romances I've read in 2013!

Hypnotic Seduction (Seduction Series, Book 1) - L. L. Kellogg
"Curiosity killed the cat." "Satisfaction also brought Fluffy back."


Don't be fooled by the cover or the title... yes, there's some hot sex in this book, but it's NOT a throwaway contemp-erotica. It's a thoughtful, fun, funny, smart, sexy trip into one woman's determination to accept herself, her desires, and her curvy body.


You know what they say about guys. Life is all about ass for them. If they're not trying to get a piece, they're acting like one.

Yeah - that kind of smart, sexy, and funny.

Hannah's mom is Cotton Candy Oliver, known for previously appearing in skin magazines for her willingness to bare all (died her pubic hair cotton candy pink, thus the nickname), lingerie/swimsuit model, product spokesperson, and B-movie bit part actress. Because her mom had her at age 15, Hannah was raised by her grandparents, who are basically against all that her mom, Candy, is for and does. So Hannah was raised to cover up her body. To not act or say or do anything that could be considered "slutty" or off-color.

Consequently, Hannah dresses like she's middle-aged, covering up her luscious, curvacious body. She doesn't wear makeup. She wears her hair up in a strict bun. She bakes to-die-for cookies. Hannah saved herself for The One, her fiancee, but he turned out to be sharing himself with others, including her roommate. Even so, her sex life was nothing to speak of. Hannah's experience was very limited, to say the least; not only was her fiancee not sexually adventurous (he doesn't like going "downtown"), he didn't even realize he'd never given her an "O" before. Wow.

So Hannah decides to do something different with her life. Since her fiancee was her boss, Hannah quits and searches for another job at Calder Pharmaceutical. They have an opening for an Executive Assistant to the CEO, Jordan Calder. But the HR guy takes one look at Hannah and practically throws her grannie-looking self out, despite her glowing resume. Steaming mad, Hannah sits on a bench outside the Calder building and starts up a conversation with an older gentleman already on the bench. She tells him her woes and shows him her resume. Turns out that Edward isn't just a nice old guy, he's Edward Calder of Calder Pharmaceuticals, and Jordan Calder is his grandson.

Jordan isn't put out by having an Exec Asst that looks like a middle-aged woman. Hannah is very efficient, polite, and bakes the best cookies. She has the right balance of compassion, caring, and competence. And Jordan never has to worry about coming into his office and finding Hannah lying naked on his desk, trying to seduce him. Yep, Jordan's got quite a reputation for dating around; one of his dates spilled the beans on Jordan's well-endowed self and sexual prowess after quite a few drinks at the company Christmas party. Since then, Jordan's been fending and fighting them off. His last Exec Asst, Renee, did try seducing him by being naked on his desk, then had the nerve to file a sexual harassment suit against Jordan and the company after he rejected her advances. The Board isn't ready to appoint Jordan chairman, in his grandfather's place, because of his "behavior". So Jordan could care less that Hannah's basically non-sexual. It means his job is safe and his chances at the chairmanship are that much better. Besides, his grandpa Edward seems to have a "thing" for her and her for him.

But when Hannah meets Callie Harper, Jordan's friend Bryce's Exec Asst (Bryce is a VP at Calder), she learns the whole sordid tale. AND Hannah's honesty with Callie as their friendship develops leads Hannah to Callie's sister, Diana. Diana has a masters in clinical psychology, is a certified hypnotherapist, and is writing a self-help book for women on how to empower themselves. Through her sessions with Diana, Hannah comes to realize that she's put her life and her sexuality on the back burner.

Soon, Hannah is sporting a whole new attitude... and then gradually, a whole new wardrobe. Suddenly, Jordan can't say that he only likes Hannah for her baking or her efficiency... he's falling for her mind, her personality, and... her newly discovered curvacious body.

Suddenly, we realize that Jordan's got his own sexual hang-ups to overcome. And both Jordan and Hannah have to find a solution to their explosive sexual chemistry.
I loved the characters, the situations, and the way they worked through everything. I loved seeing the new Hannah, and realizing that Jordan needed his own makeover. I loved Hannah's solution to introduce Jordan to hypnosis... shhhh! I loved watching the two of them do their mating dance, trying to avoid the inevitable. I loved watching Hannah accept herself and her body - finding that makeover of hair, makeup, body, and clothes that worked for her. I loved watching the guys fall all over themselves for Hannah, and watching Jordan make an ass of himself in his jealousy.

Fun, smart, and sexy... what more could you want? GREAT BOOK! Best 99-cents I ever spent