Mine to Take: Steamy, suspenseful romance, perfect for a quick summer read

Mine to Take  - Cynthia Eden

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Quick Look

Overall rating: 3-3.5 stars


"Hot" Scale: 3.5 out of 5 flames - Lots of heat, some steamy scenes


Recommended for: Fans of steamy romances with a mystery/suspense/thriller twist


Genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery/Thriller


Book Summary

Skye Sullivan has a stalker. But she can't prove it. This stalker is probably responsible for the car accident a year ago that damaged her leg and ended her professional dancing career. After her recovery and rehab, Skye returns to her "home town", only to have her stalker re-appear. But without solid proof, the police just think that Skye's mentally unbalanced or looking for attention.

So Skye turns to the one man she can't forget: Trace Weston. Trace and Skye met in a foster home. 16 year old Trace beat up the teenaged son of the house, who was hurting and raping Skye. Trace and Skye forged a friendship that turned into something more. But when Skye was 18, the older Trace dumped Skye, breaking her heart. Little did she know that Trace didn't feel good enough for her; he wanted her to pursue her dream of dancing professionally in NYC.

But Trace never left his obsession behind, as we discover. Skye comes to Trace for help now, because Trace has a very successful security business. She hires him to prove she's got a stalker and to catch him. But in the course of the story, details about Trace's obsession come out, including that Trace watched Skye dance the night of her car accident.

Who is the stalker? Is there a stalker? And if there is, will he be revealed in time to save Skye's life?


Lori's Review

This story is more like a novella, since it's a quick read. But it reads well and contains enough steam and red herrings to keep it interesting. You feel Skye's desperation to be believed. You cringe when she's terrorized. You shake your head at Trace's obsession, and start wondering if perhaps Trace isn't the stalker....


But you KEEP READING until the end!